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RD&T Media and Events is the world’s foremost purveyor and curator of the personal development industry. We are committed to bringing you the information and resources you need to thrive in this rapidly changing world.
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RD&T's unique approach is to continually bring together experts that have demonstrated leadership in their respective field. RD&T is invested in providing our readers with the most evolved, comprehensive resources and key ingredients to always inspire, educate, empower, and guide them - to help bridge the gap from unpredictable results to permanent success.


Rejuvenate, transform your body, and every aspect of your being. Learn from the greatest minds in the wellness industry who are hand-picked for the extraordinary teachings. They will guide you through your journey to a healthy and balanced life by teaching new principles that will dramatically enhance your world.


Learn the four key principles to permanent transformation with The Humanity Upgrade Program, a revolution in the personal development industry, which includes our proprietary methods: Intentional Transformation Technology, Law of Accelerating Expansion, Intentional Technology, and Expansion Mindset. The Humanity Upgrade Program is your predictable path to permanent success.

Marketing AI

We are digital marketing experts who have been in sales and the marketing field for over 23 years. We use our industry specific experience to drive qualified interested unique leads and pre-set appointments. We offer a custom-made, lead generation system, specific to your company that will use our collected data to get you fast appointments and increase your sales.


Real success is empowering your life. We are living in fundamentally different times which require a new, higher level of thinking. You need to upgrade your Brain’s Neural Software; a Humanity Upgrade. This is the most effective and comprehensive way to move your life forward. It is guaranteed to accelerate your success in every endeavor by helping you navigate any challenge and achieve your vision.


Our Health & Fitness Experts will help you bridge the gap between medical recommendation and transformation of your body and mind, covering three main areas: behavior change, exercise, and nutrition. Knowledge and accountability are two key ingredients to a healthy relationship with your physical, conscious self, and with food - creating a more balanced body and mind.






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