ROSWELL, GA. June 10, 2020 – RD&T Media and Events, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of its newest venture HUFit. Our founder has created an amazing set of resources seamlessly combining science, psychology and digital detox for permanent wellness and weight loss results. These resources include our comprehensive weight loss website and our automated weight management platform. Our programs include the 30-day Reset, Ideal Weight and Fitness, Natural Body Building, and Expansion Mindset. The greatest challenge in both health and personal development is permanent weight loss. With 74.1% of Americans being obese or overweight, this is our number one preventable health challenge.

Wellness and prevention have never been more important. With our deeper understanding of the awful realities of C-19, it is obvious that we must forge a new urgency to take personal responsibility for our health and well-being. Detox and immune health are the future of prevention. We are 5% of the world’s population yet comprise 33% of the C-19 mortalities. And this story started well before March of 2020. The US is seriously lagging the rest of the world in life expectancy. A person born in Hong Kong or Japan can expect to live SIX years longer than their American contemporaries. This is staggering and unacceptable; what is six years of added life worth to you?

Life expectancy is decreasing, despite advancements in food availability, technology, medicine and science. There are many factors and much controversy as to why, but there is one factor that everyone agrees with and that is “Toxicity in the Digital Age.” This is the greatest moment of change in human history and easily the greatest time to be alive. Yet, every epic transformation has created amazing benefits and unforeseen challenges: toxicity in the digital age is our most urgent modern challenge. Life expectancy should be skyrocketing. “Progress” has left us with high-calorie, low-nutrition foods, as well as toxic air, water and environments. Rapid change has created an epidemic of mental and emotional toxins including stress, anxiety, depression, isolation, loneliness and suicide. And now there is an ominous and relatively new toxicity: electromagnetic frequencies – this is “A Looming Health Crisis.” Thousands of well-documented studies prove that these digital age toxicities are having significant negative impacts. They are direct cellular toxins that the human body has no way of filtering or defending against. Many experts predict that this will be worse than the cigarette and asbestos public health catastrophes combined. These unprecedented health challenges require a new approach to disease prevention and weight loss. “Digital Detox” and enhancing your immune system have never been more important.

Humanity UpgradeTM – with its companion companies including HU Fit Weight Loss, Humanity Upgrade MD, Relationship-Development, RD&T Media and Events, and RD&T TV – offers an innovative group of products, services, education and thought leaders on one platform. Revitalyze Custom Cellular Nutrition is based on your epigenetic hair analysis. Our Digital Detox Kits are a five-day, completely contained cellular reset program. Digi pills are a NASA inspired “detox” supplement. HU Fit is a multi-media education platform rivaling the best in the world. It integrates an automated and comprehensive weight loss program with digital detox and cutting edge psychology. In the near future, we will host world-class events bringing the greatest minds in wellness and prevention together, creating a community of like-minded individuals. We must take responsibility for our health so that once again, we can all come together. We must revitalize the human immune system and eliminate or counteract all digital age toxicities. We are your most valuable resource on the road to healthy longevity.