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Dr. Steven Cangiano spent 13 years in academic medicine before venturing off into the wellness and life enhancement industry. His academic career was focused on teaching residents the complex art of foot and ankle surgery. To teach effectively it was vital to be able to break down complex processes in to simple understandable steps. This was the only way to achieve predictable long-term success.

In the process of overcoming a personal health challenge, Dr. Cangiano became enamored with the field of alternative medicine and behavioral change. Within 18 months he was lecturing to thousands across the country. His focus in this new venture was training and motivating. After three years in the self-help industry a disturbing pattern emerged, very few people got the results they were looking for. This unpredictability was an alarming realization that sent him on a lifelong journey to discover the true secrets of predictable long-term success. Twenty-one years of searching, studying, and living brought him to The Ultimate Secret. This book will redefine the personal development field with transformational insights and a predictable approach to long-term success.

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