Our Story

RD&T Media and Events Inc. is committed to bringing you the information and resources you need to thrive in this rapidly changing world. Humanity is shedding the last remnants of the information age and transitioning to the “age of transformation.” This is the greatest era of change in human history and will offer unique challenges and immense opportunities.

Our interconnected lives are rapidly being melded with science and technology. How will you navigate this new and expanding era? It is now more important than ever to keep up and never allow yourself to lag behind.

Humanity Upgrade offers the most relevant and up-to-date information in the marketplace so you can stay current mentally, emotionally, and physically. Our resources will help you navigate the transforming world of health, science, and technology. Disruptive new technologies and scientific breakthroughs will no longer be rare, slow-moving trends but will be monthly occurrences. With Humanity Upgrade, you have a resource that will keep you ahead of the curve and help you enjoy the ride.

As humanity advances and transforms, the traditional things that make life worthwhile will be even more important. Your health and your relationships will be tested. It will be more challenging than ever to keep a balance among your top priorities, specifically health and relationships.

Relationship Development & Transformation brings together a team of caring and competent professionals who will help you keep your life in balance on your rapid journey forward. There are scores of experts for you to connect with who can give you consummate advice and insights into your specific needs and interests.

RD&T Media and Events Inc. was founded by Carmen Gonzalez. She is a legend in the IT industry. Her business roots extend back to the early days of the internet, Java, and eventually cloud computing; in the process, she became an icon in the industry. She pioneered the transition from print to online media, eventually overseeing 35 internet publications. She also co-founded Cloud Computing Expo Inc., which became the largest and most successful cloud computing event in the world. She spotted another massive trend when she coined the phrase “Humanity Upgrade.” She is committed to helping people navigate this new and expanding world by bringing predictability to the life-enhancement industry as it merges with science and technology. There is no one on the planet more qualified to undertake this worthwhile task.

Dr. Steven Cangiano is the co-founder of RD&T Media and Events Inc. He spent his early career in academic medicine (DPM). After overcoming a personal health challenge, he became enamored with the alternative medicine and wellness industry. Early on, he discovered that the key to wellness success was transforming how you think. This started a natural progression into the personal development industry. Soon, Dr. Cangiano was lecturing to groups as large as 10,000. After four years of giving hundreds of lectures and trainings, a disturbing pattern emerged: Most of the attendees did not attract the success they desired. Worse than this, many of them attracted the opposite. They spent a lot of money on multiple trainings and events, disrupted their lives and relationships, and changed careers without attaining any of the results they desired. They inevitably lost credibility with themselves to make any substantive improvements in their life moving forward. This was a disturbing reality that led Dr. Cangiano on a 20-year journey to The Ultimate Secret; The Greatest Insight of Our Generation. This book details an insight that will change how we understand life. It lays the foundation for Expansion Mindset, which informs the future of thought and how we can move humanity forward in a healthy, prosperous, and inclusive way.

Welcome to RD&T Media and Events Inc. your guide to a predictably successful future.