MONTVALE, N.J., July 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — RD&T Media and Events, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of our new website, Relationship Development & Transformation, Your Journey to Success!. In a rapidly changing world, people need one resource that will help them navigate through the age of transformation, recreate their lives, and develop new, predictable and quantifiable skills for ultimate success



RD&T is the premier and only online publication covering relationships and how they apply to all aspects of your life: your relationship with yourself, food, health & fitness, money, your life partner, children, family, co-workers, God/life, and society. RD&T is much more than a magazine; we are a guide to complete transformation by providing the resources, tools and profound insights that will enable you to create predictable, quantifiable and permanent success.

RD&T’s unique approach is to continually bring together experts that have demonstrated leadership in their respective field. Readers will have the opportunity to learn from the greatest minds and thought leaders who are hand-picked for their extraordinary teachings dedicated to personal development and lifelong relationship success. As an RD&T community member, you will gain access to connect with authors, allowing you to adopt and implement their methodology as you begin your journey to complete transformation.

At (RD&T), we are devoted to educating, empowering, and guiding our readers through their personal journey to ultimate success in all aspects of life. We put our readers in touch with relevant content that will impact and transform their lives. Our timely and thorough articles, educational videos, webinars, interviews with industry thought leaders, and life transformation coaches allow our readers to make educated and informed decisions on which personal development methodology best fits their current circumstance on their journey to complete transformation.

“Our mission is to provide the world with the most insightful information in this rapidly changing world. We do this by bringing together an international group of thought leaders in one platform to facilitate your journey to success,” said Dr. Steven Cangiano, RD&T Co-founder.

Visit us at and start your journey to complete transformation and ultimate success. There is no greater pursuit than a happy, healthy, evolved relationship with all of life. Success is your destiny!


RD&T Media and Events Inc. is a NJ-based company founded by Carmen Gonzalez and co-founded by Dr. Steven Cangiano in 2017. RD&T is the world’s foremost purveyor and curator of the personal development, life enhancement industry. In an 11.5 billion-dollar industry, and growing, RD&T is the long overdue independent resource the world can trust.

Relationship Development & Transformation is much more than just another online personal development site; we are a complete guide to Relationship certainty. RD&T offers a predictable path to create a healthy, sustainable relationship in every aspect of your life. We provide the necessary tools and resources that will help you bridge the gap from unpredictable results to permanent success.

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