Questions & Answers

Important Questions for Challenging Times

The following questions and answers are important topics for challenging times. With the fortunate position of being a part of an amazing team of writers, publishers, and thought leaders, I have been afforded important insights on difficult topics. I firmly believe that we can solve the challenges we face, but it will take a revolution in sense-making and cooperation. We must transform our world so that it works for everyone in a sustainable way. The following are a few of the important and difficult conversations we must have:

What is Expansion Mindset and why is it an idea whose time has come?

Answer: Expansion Mindset offers five key insights for navigating the age of transformation. These include: 1. Transformational Intelligence (TQ), 2. Living in the Wisdom of Uncertainty, 3. Consciousness Processing, 4. Intentional Transformation Technology (ITT). 5. The Law of Accelerating Expansion, along with the Seven Intellectual and Seven Physical Operating Laws are your predictable path to success.

Why is Toxicity in the Digital Age our most pressing social and health problem?

Answer: There are an overwhelming number of evolutionary mismatches that are creating toxic environments. There is an abundance of mental, emotional, and physical toxins that are dramatically impacting health and longevity.

Healthy Longevity is a major focus – what is the difference between lifespan and healthspan?

Answer: This is an important topic with no single or simple answer. As part of the Humanity Upgrade™ ecosystem, we discuss this with multiple thought leaders daily. There is new research that has answers and multiple opinions that are confusing. Increasing healthspan is on everyone’s mind. The one thing we must do is mitigate digital-age toxicities now.

Why did you write The Ultimate Secret?

The Ultimate Secret is the culmination of many years of trying to understand the true nature of success. In the late nineties and early 2000 I had the good fortune to work with many of the best people in the life enhancement industry. At the time, the “The Law of Attraction” was becoming extremely popular. My experience was that this philosophy was difficult to apply and very unpredictable. I wanted to add something to the industry that would enhance all philosophies and bring predictable results.

Why is the Law of Attraction unpredictable?

Answer: The Law of Attraction is just one of the 14 operating laws of life. The remaining 13 are just as important to understand and apply.

What is the Expansion Model of Consciousness?

Answer: Expansion is fundamental to life. This is a critical principle that has become obvious in our modern world. For a sustainable future, this concept must be understood and internalized.

How does the Creative Process affect our day-to-day life?

Answer: The creative process is your life. You are the creative process in action and understanding the mechanisms of this is transformative.

You claim to have written the Ultimate Guide to Mindfulness. Please explain.

Answer: The Recreation Handbook is the ultimate guide to mindfulness. This offers ten daily recreations that will keep you focused on what is important. Most of all, it will transform how you approach and think about life.

You are an outspoken critic of the rising number of apocalyptic prophets – why?

Answer: In a recent Medium post reprinted from Humanity Upgrade™, I outlined scientifically why the universe favors expansion and not contraction. There are no problems that we have gotten ourselves into that we cannot innovate our way out of.

You have warned people to be cautious when they engage with the self-help industry – why?

Answer: The personal development industry is great at activating positive thoughts, feelings, dreams, and passions but awful at permanently installing them. Activation without installation make personal challenges worse.

You wrote the article “The Meaning and Purpose of Life”- is it possible to know that?

Answer: Yes. I believe that this question has an objective answer and introduces some of the most important insights life has to offer. For the first time in history, meaning and purpose have become emergent pursuits.