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RD&T Publishing
Date: 12/20/2019
Roswell, GA USA


The Ultimate Secret is the Greatest Insight of Our Generation! The truths you will discover in these pages inform every aspect of your life. It will also give you a deeper understanding of our rapidly changing world and how we can navigate it together in a healthy way. This book will redefine your understanding of how our world operates.

Author Quotations

“There is a new story emerging on our planet. It is revealing a higher truth that is transforming our lives.”
“Do you understand that you are life’s most important creation? If not, keep in mind, like many times in history, old beliefs have surrendered to a new truth…”

Short Bio

Dr. Cangiano began his professional career in academic medicine. Following a personal health challenge, he transitioned to the wellness industry, becoming a health advocate and motivational speaker. After four successful years in the life-enhancement industry, a disturbing pattern emerged. The overwhelming majority of people did not achieve the results they desired, and many were worse off due to the experience. This sent him on a 21-year journey to understand the true nature of success. The Law of Accelerating Expansion™ and Humanity Upgrade are the next steps in human conscious evolution.

About the Book

The Ultimate Secret, The Greatest Insight of Our Generation.
Once in a generation there is an insight so profound that it instantaneously clarifies our past, present, and future. The Ultimate Secret is that insight. It is an awareness so powerful that it will transform how we look at and process our world. These are bold statements that will be substantiated by facts. We will take a new and alternative look at science and history to expose this powerful new truth.

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